28 Cozy Living Room Ideas (How To Make a Living Room Cozy)

cozy living rooms

Let’s imagine your perfect, cozy living room. Light splashing the walls through the window, you’re bundled up in the softest knitted blanket as you relax on a plush sofa, with a fireplace warming the entire space. You enjoy the morning, admiring an elaborate tapestry that hangs above the mantle and an exotic throw rug adding color and comfort beneath a rustic table. Maybe your idea of a warm and cozy living room is a recliner and a book, with a steaming coffee mug filling the air with a rich, toasty aroma. 

Woo! Who doesn’t need that in their life?

Whatever the inspiration, all of this and more are just a few clicks away. Welcome to Cozy Dwelling, where comfort and style are our expertise!

So, how do you make a living room cozy? Spend some time with us today and get those wheels turning as we suggest warm living room ideas to bring the utmost comfort to your space. 

Without further ado, check out our list of the top cozy living room ideas & products. (Also, please know that our blog does make our money from Amazon product purchases – but we only source the best ideas for each of our articles).

Cozy Throw Blankets

These days there are just so many options available for stylish and comfortable blankets. Something as simple as a single throw blanket over a sofa can add color and warmth to a room, while also being a life-saver on those chilly winter nights. You can choose the size, design, and material in order to achieve whatever style you’re going for, and always feel free to mix and match. One could argue that a room can have enough blankets, but we’re not one of them! Cuddle up with one of these amazing suggestions:

1. Chunky knit blankets

Chunky knit quilts are the rage right now! Amazon is the best place to buy chunky knit blankets. The link below (as of the date of this post) has great reviews and lots of color options. 

Cozy Living Room Throw Blanket

Check Out Chunky Knit Blankets on Amazon

2. Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Decorative yet cozy, this blanket is one you won’t want to leave the sofa without. Two of these is not a bad idea- one for decor and one for use.

Living Room Decorative Blanket

Check Out This Sherpa Fleece Blanket on Amazon

3. Iceland Wool Knitted Blanket

This is a very well-knit blanket with great quality wool. Comfort is something you cannot sacrifice, so go with this high-quality wool knit for your newly, cozy living room.

Blanket to make your living room cozy

Check Out This Iceland Wool Knitted Throw on Amazon

4. Colorful/ Pattern Acrylic Throw Blanket

Looking for a little more form over function? Use these to warm up your space as an addition to your sofa.

Warm color throw blanket Pattern Throw Blanket

Check Out These Acrylic Decorative Throw Blankets on Amazon

5. Ridiculously Comfortable Ugg Throw Blanket

Crank up the cozy with these ridiculously soft throw blankets. Add some color to your neutral living room with blankets people will want to use. 

plush fur throw blanket

Check Out This Blanket on Amazon

Comfortable Recliners

6. Signature Recliner

Sink into this rocking, electronic, fabric recliner. If you love the look of leather but want the comfort of ultra-soft upholstery – then this bad boy is for you.

Cozy recliner

Check Out This Comfortable Recliner on Amazon

7. Relaxing Massage Recliner

Is this necessary? The answer is yes, yes it is. For those struggling with office or injury-induced neck and back pain – an investment like this could change your life. This chair may even help for reducing anxiety. 

Relaxing Massage Chair

Cozy Accent Chairs

This is quite possibly the most important aspect of any living room! The right seating provides a great opportunity to not only get creative and design the feel of your cozy space but also to take the initiative and make the room as comfortable as possible for every guest. Gone are the days of the firm boring love seat. A great couch or chair can invoke comfort, relaxation, and serenity, all while bringing together the look and feel of the room! Whether you want a traditional accent or a modern spin, there is something here for any taste:

8. Soft Accent Seating

Accent chairs, although not as comfortable as recliners, amp up the cozy with their style and warm wood-tones. Make sure their fabric that is made well, with padded cushions that you actually enjoy sitting on.

Soft Fabric Accent Chair

Check Out This Soft Fabric Chair on Amazon

9. Oversized Bean Bag

Eat your heart-out Millenials. No, in all seriousness – if you have no sat on these oversized bean bag chairs then you’re missing out. If you have a larger living room and need to fill up that corner space, buy this sucker with some big pillows and you’re good to go… 

Soft Bean Bag Chair

Check Out This Bean Bag on Amazon 

10. Small, Stylish, Reading Chair

Don’t let this one fool you. This small chair is great for confined spaces and is actually very pleasant to sit it, according to reviews. 

Comfy Accent Chair

Check Out This elegant Chair on Amazon

Coffee Tables

No living room would be complete without a solid coffee table. This piece of furniture is so much more important than we give it credit for. Whether used to display interesting books or magazines for your guests, or to hold your coffee or tea while you get work done on the laptop, a coffee table adds utility and style to a room. Plus, most coffee tables provide storage either inside or underneath, so be sure to use it to the top potential and keep those board games nearby. It really begs the question, why choose form over function when you can have both? Check out a few tables that we think could work for any cozy living room:

11. Wooden Coffee Table

Add some warmth with a wooden coffee table. This log-cabin style table has some storage drawers and added space below. 

warm wood coffee table

Take a Look at This Coffee Table on Amazon

12. Rustic & Inviting Coffee Table

Whitewashed wood mixed with natural tones gives you a modern look, with a warm feeling inside. Store your couch pillows & blankets in this beautiful, rustic coffee table.

Rustic and Inviting Coffee Table

Peek at This Rustic Coffee Table on Amazon

Comfy Ottomans

No, we’re not talking about the empire. An ottoman is such a versatile piece of cozy living room furniture. Need extra seating? Look no further. Legs need a good rest? Kick them on up there! Sometimes you can even use them for storage to keep your room as tidy and clean as possible, while still keeping your necessities an arms reach away. Our favorite aspect of the ottoman is that it is meant to be moved around, so take advantage of its versatility and keep things interesting. Don’t underestimate the power of the ottoman, consider one of these:

12. Tufted Storage Ottoman

Add some color and style to your modern living space with this ottoman. Coming in various colors and styles, this little guy can give your space some needed warmth. 

Tufted Ottoman Cushioned

See this Ottoman on Amazon

13. Ottoman Chair Combo

If you want a style upgrade combined with the cozy, tufted cushion… look no further. 

Ottoman chair combo

Check this Paid out on Amazon

Area Rugs

Here is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. A nice throw rug adds both style and comfort to any room, simultaneously. It’s really amazing that something so simple can make such an enormous impact on the feel of a space, but time and time again it proves to be true. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to pick out something exotic or flashy. Just choose a rug that is nice and soft and then fit it to the shape of the room. We suggest adding a rug like one of these to your cozy dwelling:

14. Microfiber Designer Area Rug

Add some patterns and design to your minimalistic living room, without sacrificing quality. 

Microfiber Stylish Circle Rug

Check out This Soft Designer Rug on Amazon

15. High Pile Cozy Rug

This rug will welcome you into the room with its high pile features and long knitted fibers. It’s shagadelic, yet modern.  

High Pile Cozy Rug

Peek this Cozy Rug on Amazon

16. Fluffy Cloud Living Room Rug

I’d consider sleeping on. Your dog will definitely sleep on it. This fluffy rug is also reinforced with fiber for the ultimate living room comfort. 

Fluffy Living Room Rug

See this Fluffy Wonder on Amazon

Fireplace Alternatives

What better way to add warmth and luxury to a room than with a nice fireplace? No need to call your contractor and build a chimney, just check out these free-standing electric fireplaces and be thankful for modern technology! Now you can make the dream of reading a good book by the fire a reality. A nice fireplace adds warmth to both the temperature and the look of a room! Don’t wait until winter, bring instant comfort to your living space with one of these beauties today:

17. Realistic High-end Fireplace

This is a bigger investment, but it is a great one. This very realistic fireplace will have people completely fooled. Check it out for yourself!

high quality realistic fireplace

See This Realistic Fireplace on Amazon

18. Functional TV Console Fireplace

AND they have a chunky knit blanket in the corner?! It’s like they know me…

This fireplace, TV console combo amplifies the coziness and gives you some more decorating space.

Cozy fireplace alternative

View This Fireplace TV Console on Amazon

Living Room End Tables

Whether you need extra space to display photos and art, or you simply want to separate two pieces of furniture, an end table can be an effective and decorative way to bring a room together. Sometimes a living room just isn’t big enough for a full coffee table, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having your book or beverage a reach away! Comfortable is the name of the game, and a nice end table can make all the difference. Take a look at a few options that we really like:

19. Small End Table with Character

This is a small way to add some character to your living space. These small touches go a long way to making your lounging area feel homier. 

Small living room end table

See This Oval Shaped End Table on Amazon

19. Country Style End Table

Country style coziness. This nice end table combines contemporary with an elegant, inviting features. 

Country Style End Table

 Check Out this End Table on Amazon

11. Lamps and End Table Lighting

Good lighting is a necessity to any cozy space. When the evening sets in and you have no more access to natural light, a few well-placed lamps can keep a room feeling warm and inviting. Typically there are three options when looking at interior lighting: the standing floor lamp, the desk lamp, and ceiling fixtures. We think it is most effective to use a combination of the three when trying to make a room as comfortable as can be. Let’s utilize that end table for a classic looking desk lamp, warm the corners of the room with a standing floor lamp, and if possible hang some lights from the ceiling in the center. We want this room to feel warm and cozy, and these lights can help make that happen:

20. Floor Lamp

This tall floor lamp has a nice amber light that can really set a nice mood in your living room. 

warm inviting living room lamp

Take a Peek at This Beautiful Floor Lamp on Amazon

20. Upgrade Floor Lamp

Bonus! Take the lamp style above and upgrade it to add even more light. A well-lit space is the best space. 

Three bulb living room light

Check out This Lamp Upgrade on Amazon

20. Dual bulb Table Lamp

This piece is beautiful. It comes with a low light Edison bulb as a decorative feature, yet still has your average 150 watt bulb on top. This is a unique, end table lamp that will really add character to your room. 

Industrial Warm Table Lamp

View this Beautiful Table Lamp on Amazon

Warm Living Room Decor

Here is where you can get really creative! Decorations are like the icing on the cake for any cozy living space. When all of the comfortable and stylish furniture is in its right place, the lighting perfectly spaced out to illuminate every nook, maybe a throw rug reaching over towards a burning fireplace, this is the moment to add those few accent pieces to show some flair and spruce up the room. Wall decorations can add your own personality to the space. While the furniture serves its purpose in comfort and utility, there is nothing quite like a painting or tapestry to tell a story and thus create conversation. Just make your space as comfortable and warm as possible and then let the decorations add some excitement! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

21. Monet Painting Prints

There’s something about Monet… Hang some of these prints to add color and tranquility to your living room.

Cozy Living Room Decor

See these Monet Prints on Amazon

22. Solar Mason Jar Lights

Have a window sill that’s a little lonely? Adds some solar mason jar lighting for those cold, dark nights. 

mason jar lights

Check Out These Solar Mason Jar Lights on Amazon

23. Woven Wall Decor

These woven pieces are a great way to brighten up a gloomy room. 

Cozy Couches

View This Woven Living Room Decor on Amazon 

Couch Pillows 

24. Colorful Sofa Pillows

Couch pillows are a great opportunity to set a color tone for your lounge.

Comfy Couch Pillows


25. Cozy Microfiber Pillows

These microfiber pillows give you the color tone you want with the softest microfiber features that you long for!

decorative comfy couch pillows

Sofa’s, Couches, and Love Seats

26. Comfortable Couch and Love Seat

Kick your feet up with these reclining couches and love seats. Add some color with the pillows above and you can almost call this your bed! 

Cozy Couches

See These Couches on Amazon

27. Pull-out Sofa

This sofa converts into a bed and includes incredibly soft cushions. 

See This Sofa on Amazon

28. Ultra Comfortable Sectional 

With some crazy convenient functionality, this sectional is the ultimate comfort. Recline with a drink, relax, and try to stay awake! This is one cozy couch.

Cozy Sectional Sofa

Check Out This Incredibly Comfortable Sectional on Amazon

And there you have it! We sourced the most snug, homely, welcoming living room ideas from Amazon so you didn’t have to. Tell us what your favorite is! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep those home ideas flowing. 

28 Cozy Living Room Ideas (How To Make a Living Room Cozy)

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